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Security News & Threats

U.N. rights chief rebukes Security Council for failures to act

21.Aug.2014 -

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Outgoing U.N. rights chief Navi Pillay rebuked the U.N. Security Council on Thursday for putting short-term geopolitical concerns and narrowly-defined national interests ahead of intolerable human suffering and grave bre...Read More

Kuwait releases detained cleric suspected of financing militants

21.Aug.2014 -

KUWAIT (Reuters) - Kuwaiti authorities on Thursday released a prominent Sunni Muslim cleric they had detained the previous day after the United States put him on a sanctions list over suspicions he funded militants in Iraq and Syria, his lawyer to...Read More

Turkish foreign minister set to be Erdogan's new PM

21.Aug.2014 -

ANKARA (Reuters) - Turkish president-elect Tayyip Erdogan named Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu as his future prime minister on Thursday and said a power struggle with a U.S.-based cleric, a Kurdish peace process and a new constitution would be h...Read More

British Muslims blame jihadi subculture after beheading video

21.Aug.2014 -

LONDON/BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A British Muslim leader called on Thursday for action to tackle a jihadi sub-culture after an Islamic State video showed a suspected Briton beheading U.S. journalist James Foley held hostage in Syria. ...Read More

Ukraine border guards begin checks on Russian aid trucks

21.Aug.2014 -

BORDER CROSSING POINT DONETSK Russia (Reuters) - Ukrainian border guards began on Thursday to inspect a Russian truck convoy carrying aid earmarked for humanitarian relief in eastern Ukraine that has been stranded at the frontier between the two f...Read More

Ukraine's Poroshenko talks tough ahead of meetings with Merkel, Putin

21.Aug.2014 -

KIEV (Reuters) - Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said on Thursday he would call on Russian President Vladimir Putin to rein in pro-Russian separatists when the two men meet next week and told the Kremlin chief he had "a strong country, a stro...Read More

Rousseff, rivals change tack in Brazil's reshaped election

21.Aug.2014 -

SAO PAULO/BRASILIA (Reuters) - When Brazil's notoriously private President Dilma Rousseff showed up in her kitchen cooking pasta in a campaign TV ad this week, it was one of the clearest signs yet that the country's October election is up for grab...Read More

Israeli air strike kills three Hamas commanders in Gaza

21.Aug.2014 -

GAZA/JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel killed three senior Hamas commanders in the Gaza Strip in an air strike on Thursday and said it would continue to target the group's armed leadership after a ceasefire failed. ...Read More

'Ambiguous warfare' providing NATO with new challenge

21.Aug.2014 -

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Since Russia's annexation of Crimea in March, NATO has been publicly refocusing on its old Cold War foe Moscow. The threats it now believes it faces, however, are distinctly different to those of the latter half of the 20th ...Read More

Iran says wants progress in nuclear talks before action on Islamic State

21.Aug.2014 -

PARIS/DUBAI (Reuters) - Iran is ready to do something to help tackle Islamic State insurgents in Iraq but first wants progress in negotiations with world powers over its nuclear program, Foreign Minister Javad Zarif was quoted as saying by Iranian...Read More


Surveillance System Acceptance Deepens

2.May.2013 - David Wallace

From April 24 - April 28 the New York Times and CBS News polled 965 Americans regarding their views on security issues after the Boston Marathon bombings. One of the questions revolved around the installation of surveillance cameras in public places: “Some people think installing video surveillance cameras in public places is a good idea because they may help to reduce the threat o...Read More